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D.O.C dabba a day keeps the real doc away

D.O.C(Diet On Click) dabbas are nutritious dabbas(veg) and we follow healthy eating plate standards without compromising on taste. A typical D.O.C dabba comprises of:

  • Carefully chosen Cereals/Grains such as Brown/white/millet rice, rotis, etc
  • Varieties of Pulses/Legumes such as Dal, Lentils, Beans etc
  • Handpicked and pesticide free Leafy vegetables(authentic Indian curries)/salads and
  • Dairy Products - curd/raita/buttermilk/lassi
  • Accompained by a promisingly healthy mid meal snack as per the dabba plan you choose. D.O.C meal plans starts from 75/- only*

Our Nutritious diet dabbas are against the myth that healthy food and tasty food are different

D.O.C is the only place where Taste meets Health

D.O.C's Theorem:Lunch + Snacks = Starts from 75/- only*

Our Fully packed lunch dabbas along with healthy mid snack as an addon shall make your tummy feel satisfied till 6.00pm and help you concentrate on your work

Our Theroy is straight and transparent: We follow the below guidelines in designing your dabba.

Meal Plan
Lunch Portion Size
Specific Nutrition
Weight Loss400-500 caloriesDabba comprising of High Protein,good fiber and no/low fat food
Muscle Gain800-950 caloriesDabba High in carbohydrates, High in Proteins and good fiber content food
Healthy Plan550-700 caloriesBalanced diet with the right mix of all nutritions

At D.O.C   motivation is always just a click away

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Diet On Click(D.O.C) is an online based healthy dabba service. Unlike other food services D.O.C works on a concept. At D.O.C we believe that best healthy food can be obtained by making our daily homemade food healthy. Our recipes are the best healthy & authentic Indian recipes. At D.O.C three things are assured Quality, Taste and Variety.
At Diet On Click dabbas are categorized based on diet plans and these dabbas(comprehensive diet plans) will meet almost everyone's need. Here are the steps:
  • Choose the Diet plan Dabba that you are looking for.
  • Select a weekly or monthly plan
  • Choose the delivery location and Timing - We cover 7kms in and around radius of hitech city(Hyderabad) between 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm daily except weekends
Call us at 9100080777 or mail us at if you have questions regarding delivery service or if you need help in choosing the diet plan.
D.O.C dabbas are pure veg dabbas and we follow healthy eating plate standards without compromising on taste. A typical D.O.C dabba consists of:
  • Cereals/Grains like Rice, Roti followed by varieties
  • Pulses/Legumes like Dal, beans followed by varieties
  • Wide variety of Leafy vegetables(authentic Indian curries)/salads
  • Dairy Products - curd/raita/buttermilk/lassi and
  • Every Day a healthy complimentary for you
  • Q)I am looking for weight loss and this plate looks heavy?.
  • A)Don't worry D.O.C dabbas are complete nutritional diet dabbas which will help you in achieving your target in a much effective way.
  • Q)Can I skip my lunch?
  • A)Absolutely. Give us a call 12 hours prior to your dabba delivery and we will reschedule or slide it to next day.
  • Q)Can I change the delivery location and can I prefer the delivery timing.
  • A)Yes. You have all the freedom to change your delivery location till it falls into our Radar. Also you will be given option to choose timing between 12 pm -2 pm.
  • Q)Is this one more normal dabba service?
  • A)No! D.O.C works on a concept. After lot of nutritional research we designed our dabbas to fill the nutritional gap in everyone's daily diet.
  • Q)Hmmmm?
  • A)Call us or whatsapp us at 9100080777 or mail us at - We will be happy to serve you.
We have a 30 Day changing menu. Each day a variety is maintained. Our D.0.C customers will never get bored. The price range is:
  • Any D.O.C Standard(Lunch+Snack) meal plan starts from 95/- per dabba. No extra delivery charges
  • Any D.O.C Mini meal plan starts from 75/- per dabba. No extra delivery charges
  • We serve 5 days a week from Monday - Friday only
  • Group orders will get special discounts - call us at 9100080777 to know more

  • For spot orders please call us before 10.30 am on any day to book lunch delivery at your place.

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